Advantages of Using Align Probiotics


Searching for the perfect treatment for irritable bowel syndrome as far as alternative medicine is concerned is something that everyone has trouble doing. In such situations have you ever considered trying something like probiotics? This beneficial bacterium is ideal for treating this condition. And as far as treating IBS is concerned, there is no probiotic supplement that works better than Align probiotic. So how effective is this supplement? Read on to find out...


First let me explain what exactly irritable bowel syndrome is. It is basically characterized by bloating, cramping & irregular bowel movements. It has various different classifications all based on the more prevalent symptom. People suffering from abdominal pain have IBS-A while those that suffer from constipation have IBS-C. IBS-D is the classification for those suffering from diarrhea. No one really knows why this condition occurs even though most people believe that it has something to do with intestinal bacteria.


As far as alternate medicine is concerned, you get to choose between laxatives, antidepressants, anti-diarrheal drugs, anti-spasmodic and neurotransmitter regulators.


Now, let's take a look at what align probiotics can do for you. This supplement contains Bifantis which is commonly referred to as Bifidobacterium infantis 35624. This strain of good bacteria has been isolated from the small intestine of humans. Early reports showed that this strain could help improve digestion and reduce symptoms of IBS and research into this strain was continued.


After this a study was conducted in 2005 in which it was confirmed that by having 10 billion live bacteria everyday for eight weeks, a person can reduce bloating and pain as well as improve bowel movements. This first study only had twenty five people in it though. But it led to another study in 2006 with many more people. Here patients that suffered from IBS were asked to consume good bacteria for just four weeks and they all showed remarkable improvements. Patients found significant relief from various problems such as gas, bloating and abdominal pain as well.


Basically, if you are considering trying best probiotic supplements to help with your IBS, you should give Align probiotics a shot. There is a chance that it will help you improve your condition significantly and reduce your pain. The most important thing for you to look into though is the dosage. You will need to do some experimentation before you can find the most effective dosage. You could also consider consulting a medical practitioner for some advice on this. That's right, even medical practitioners have knowledge of various probiotics. So what are you waiting for? The solution to your irritable bowel syndrome is right in front of you.